Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bush comes to Frederick (Hide yer guns!)

The gun-grabber in chief decided to visit lowly Frederick last Thursday. I forget - are we supposed to bow to his royal deviousness, or simply avert our eyes as he approaches?

He was visiting a local business - a service-industry business, of course, since virtually nothing is actually manufactured in this country anymore - and pandered to the credulous.

Bush, who stayed at Wright for about 30 minutes, visited Frederick just hours after he outlined a plan to stimulate the economy. Bush’s plan calls for as much as $150 billion in tax relief. Any relief must be big enough to make a difference in a large and dynamic economy and must take effect right away, but be temporary, and it must not include any tax increases.
Gee whiz! His royal ineptness has decided to let SOME of us (certainly not ME; according to Bush and Congress, I'm "the rich") have some of OUR money back so that we can keep the illusion of economic prosperity going and keep We the People fat, lazy, and stupid a while longer. Of course, he made it a point to let us know that it's only temporary. The government giveth, and the government taketh away.