Tuesday, January 1, 2008

*** Wiener of the Year - 2007 ***

It's time for my very first Wiener of the Year! Yea me!

This was H-A-R-D.

There were so many worthy candidates. There was the dunce tandem of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who brought shrill anti-Americanism to new lows in their position as Majority leaders. You're utterly bankrupt as political party leaders when your whole national strategy is to hope that America loses, falters, or is in some way embarrassed. Way to go, asshats!

There was President Bush, who, if I were to award a Wiener of the Decade, would be the hands-down leader. I cannot forgive him for his cynical betrayal of conservative principals. And, though his efforts to pass "scamnasty" were certainly worthy of consideration for Wiener of the Year, the complicity of Congress in the scam somewhat negate his standing as the only traitor. Plus, his surge in Iraq DID have SOME positive effect. So he only gets second place this go-around. Give him time - there's still 2008.

But the hands-down winner is Mike Nifong, former Durham County (N.C.) prosecutor, who successfully reaped in 2007 what he sowed in 2006. Normally, the Wiener of the Year would be awarded for actions occurring during the calendar year. But Nifong's comeuppance is just too good to pass on.

Nifong's crime was the cynical misuse of his office to curry votes from the Black community for his re-election run in 2006 by throwing three white Duke University students under the bus. His suppression of key exculpatory evidence is quite easily the most egregious example of prosecutorial malfeasance of this young century. Duke's lacrosse coach lost his job, and three students were subjected to the worst kind of lynch mob persecution by Duke's PC faculty and student body, their young lives ruined. All so Nifong could be re-elected!

In 2007, Nifong got everything he deserved. He lost his position as county prosecutor. He was disbarred. He was convicted of Criminal Contempt; however, the lowlife only served one day behind bars. Too bad. He would have made a great bitch for some gang-banger.

For getting almost everything he deserved as a first-class putz, Mike Nifong is the Wiener of the Year.