Friday, February 1, 2008

Ann Coulter knocks one out of the park

Let's face it, the polls have been bleak this week. All the tea leaves tend to indicate that we're trending towards a McCain/Clinton pick-your-poison election from hell.

What all of these so-called Republicans see in John McCommie, I can't even imagine. The guy is a pompous, me-first tool, more interested in getting favorable press from the New York Times than in having any sort of actual core beliefs.

But just when things look their darkest, Ann Coulter rides to the rescue. You've really got to follow the link and see it for yourself. I thought pompous ass Hannity was going to swallow his tongue.

Ann came right out and said it - McCommie is no conservative; and if he is the Republican nominee, she will vote for Hillary Clinton (assuming she is the nominee for Team Donkey). Here's the money quote:

If you're looking at substance rather than whether it's an R or a D after his name...If he's our candidate, then Hillary's going to be our girl, Sean, cause she's more conservative than he is. I think she would be stronger on the war on terrorism. I absolutely believe that.
Game, set, match.

Her quote accomplishes three things.

First, it creates a buzz (something Ann excels at). It shines a light on McCommie and his lack of core beliefs.

Second, it focuses in on McCommie's Achilles heal; he's poison for conservatives. Take away the "I'm a pro-life war hero" angle, put him in a dress, and he's Diane Feinstein.

Third, it gets the moonbat left thinking. Now, suddenly, they're confronted with the prospect of Ann Coulter - moonbat kryptonite - supporting a candidate from Team Donkey. Is there ANYTHING more anathema to a moonbat than being on the same side of ANYTHING as Ann Coulter? I see commie heads exploding all over the Upper East Side.

Seldom, if ever, is anyone able to accomplish so much from one solitary appearance on a dreadful, third-rate scream show. Ann, you're the best!