Saturday, July 11, 2009

Team Elephant grows a spine?

Throughout the past two weeks, as Hugo Chavez and his lapdog cronies (like Il Duce) have barked for the return of Manuel Zelaya to his former position as President of Honduras, there has been nary a whisper of contrarian opinion from anyone except the Wall Street Journal. Now, FINALLY, two weeks into this misadventure, Team Elephant appears to have grown a spine.

Republican lawmakers have slammed US President Barack Obama for branding Honduras' political upheaval a "coup," saying he was aligning himself with leftist Latin American leaders.

Republican lawmakers said Obama's reaction to President Manuel Zelaya's ouster had placed the US in line with the presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

"By calling this a coup and by early statements insisting on the reinstatement of Mr Zelaya, the administration now stands with the likes of (Hugo) Chavez, (Evo) Morales and (Daniel) Ortega, and not with the Honduran people," Republican Connie Mack said during a hearing by a panel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

"Zelaya was removed from office for his unconstitutional and illegal attempts to alter the constitution of Honduras for purely selfish reasons," said Congressman Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey.

The claim that the events that led to Zelaya's ouster constituted a coup "melts under any serious scrutiny," Smith added.

"Rather, democracy and the rule of law triumphed over Mr Zelaya's lawlessness."
I have but one question for Team Elephant's leadership (and I use the term loosely with this leaderless, clueless group): what took you so long?!?!?!

What was it? Did you have to wait for the opinion polls to show you which way the wind was blowing before you made a stand? Were you too scairdy fraid of ruffling someone's feathers? Either you have core beliefs, or you don't.

I can't believe I used to consider myself a Republican. What a bunch of losers!