Sunday, August 2, 2009

Further proof that McCain is a tool

John McCommie lost the 2008 election the old fashioned way: he earned it. The campaign he ran against Il Duce was Bob Dole '96 redux. But what could he have done differently? After all, when everything is said and done, there's only about a dime's difference between him and Il Duce. If that.

So why bring him up now? Here's why.

Sen. John McCain is lamenting the latest report of a baseball player linked to performance-enhancing drugs.


McCain sent a message on his Twitter account that read, "David Ortiz tested positive for steroids, 'where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?'"

McCain says the situation in baseball makes him sick. Even more bothersome, he says, is the idea that someone in a laboratory somewhere is trying to develop a substance that tests can't detect.
Pardon me while I projectile vomit!

First, what the deuce is a fossilized tool like McCommie doing with a Twitter account in the first place? Isn't Twitter a vehicle for middle school girls seeking relevance or for fanboys of various ages to chase celebrities?

Second, the whole steroids "scandal" is complete horse-mierda. People have REALLY short memories, it seems. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were the kings of the world in 1998, and nobody -- N-O-B-O-D-Y -- gave a rat's ass that they were the size of small planets or bothered to mention that people don't get that large w/o steroids. NOW - only now, because Big Media (the BM for short) has decided that it's a scandal - everyone is shocked - SHOCKED! - that steroids were being used by baseball players.

Everyone turned their backs to the issue in '98 because baseball was trying to recover its fan base after the disastrous strike of 1994-95. Baseball NEEDED the giant men hitting prodigious home runs in unbelievable numbers to win back fans jaded over a strike pitting billionaires against millionaires. Now everyone wants to crucify anyone who ever used or was suspected of using steroids (Note that Mark McGwire has NEVER been linked to a test proving that he used - NEVER. Yet Hall of Fame voters - BM all - refuse to elect the man who is 6th on the all-time home runs list to the Hall simply because "he is linked" with steroids).

Third, and perhaps most importantly, who gives a flying f*** what that old tool McCommie thinks about ANYTHING?!?!? Why is his opinion about a manufactured baseball scandal the least bit relevant?

You want something to Twitter about, you old desgraciado? Twitter about how easy it was for you to sell out your party over a 20+ year Senate career in order to win over your core constituency, the New York Times.