Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 16 - Beating up the 98 pound weakling

The 49ers spent the first half playing down to the level of the competition. Then they loosed the dogs on Detroit, resulting in a 20-6 victory.

The defense looked scary bad on the first two Detroit drives. Then they locked it down and played up to the high level one expects from a Mike Singletary defense. Three forced fumbles, two by Ahmad Brooks, coupled with three interceptions, made the statement that this is an aggressive defense all about forcing mistakes.

Alex Smith played well. Frank Gore had a decent game - more important, he became the first 49ers running back to have 4 consecutive seasons over 1,000 yards. Vernon Davis had a decent game and scored his 12th touchdown of the season.

Yesterday's victory over a toothless opponent was unimpressive. That stated, a win is a win. The 49ers are now 7-8 with another toothless opponent, St. Louis, as the last obstacle on the schedule. An 8-8 season - the first non-losing season the 49ers have had since 2002 - is a near certainty.