Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend wrapup

Ah, the weekend that was! 50 degrees and beautiful on Saturday, 40 degrees and rainy on Sunday. And thank God it was 40 degrees! Had the temps been 10 degrees colder, we'd have had about 1 1/2 to 2 feet of snow!

Boy can the Vulture pick 'em! I was wrong on EVERY SINGLE GAME played in the Divisional Playoffs this weekend. Thank God I'm not a gambler - I would have lost my shirt!

The Cardinals started it off with a thud by playing the absolute worst defense in playoff history against the Saints. Then the Ravens laid an egg. Then the Cowpukes dropped a cow pie. And then the Norv Turner Project once again did what the Norv Turner Project does best - choke away the big one.

And while we're on the subject of "choke" - how about that Pro Bowl kicker, Nick Kaeding? He gacked away 3 - count 'em, 3 - kicks, including one that would have made it a one-score game. When you look at Kaeding, Neil Rackers, and Shayne Graham, and their "performances" in this year's playoffs, I think it's safe to say that we may have witnessed the 3 least clutch performances of the 21st century in one playoff year.

Boy are the Cowboys a big bunch of babies! Keith Brooking took umbrage yesterday when the Vikings put up a late touchdown with the game already firmly in hand. Hey, Keith! As Lou Holtz once said, "It's our job to score points. It's their job to stop us from scoring points." So stop QQ'ing and man-up!

Am I the only one who was damn sick and tired of hearing about Haiti every 15 minutes during the football games? Yeah, they had an earthquake. Yeah, they're butt-HURTing right now. We get it. Can we PLEASE watch the games - our escape from the real world - without getting your faux sensibilities thrust in our faces? Please?

Team Donkey is really sweating this Massachusetts special election for "Ted Kennedy's" seat. Wassa matta, Donkeys? Afraid you won't be able to ram any more fascism down our throats without your supermajority?

Monday. It's like a glass of ice water in the face. Bye, weekend!