Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thin-skinned crybaby

The picture you see at the left is at the center of a huge "controversy". It seems that the man who HAD TO BE ELECTED as President in 2008 or it would be the end of the world has his panties in a bunch because of.......wait for it.......a picture of himself in blue-face.

A campaign attack ad that depicts Sen. John McCain as an "Avatar" has the Arizona Republican crying foul over what he sees as a slap to Native Americans. But his primary opponent, J.D. Hayworth, may well be wondering what planet he's on.

This much we know for sure: J.D. Hayworth thinks John McCain is not really, truly a conservative. He makes that clear in an online campaign ad that depicts the Arizona senator as "Nominee for Best Conservative Actor."

The ad [click the picture to see it full-size], clearly an Academy Awards sendoff, portrays McCain bursting out of a gold Hollywood star, with a statuette and an envelope ...

And blue warpaint splashed across his face.

That's the part that has riled McCain, who is accusing his Republican primary opponent of insulting Native Americans.
An insult to Native Americans? You thin-skinned loser! I haven't even seen the stupid movie and I got the reference! What's really got your panties in a wad is that you got called out for campaigning as a conservative but voting like a collectivist.

I warned y'all about this guy in 2008. I told you he wouldn't be a lick better than Il Duce if elected. I hate to say I told you so, but....