Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Super Bowl was super

Hey, how 'bout that? The Vulture got one right! The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions. The game was every bit as close as the score (31-25) would indicate.

What a great game! Clearly the two best teams in the league (sorry, New England!) faced off in what turned out to be one of the better Super Bowls. Pittsburgh clawed back to within 3 points of Green Bay after being down by 18 just before halftime. But the Pack put together one last long drive for a field goal, then made a clutch defensive stand to ice the game.

Aaron Rodgers had a great game (Brett who?). The Packers defense shined.

Pittsburgh has nothing to be ashamed of. Three turnovers killed them. Killed. Them. Otherwise, it might be the Black and Gold celebrating victory instead of the Green and Gold.

There will be one more post on the NFL before I drop that bone. I'm going to compare the Vulture's preseason picks against the preseason picks of the so-called experts. Should be worthy of a chuckle or two.