Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super *yawn* Bowl Prediction

"Did I read that right? Did the Vulture REALLY *yawn* the Super Bowl?"

Seriously, this rematch of what was perhaps the single most yawn-inducing bore fest in Super Bowl history holds very little interest in the Vulture household. Only the allure of eating massive quantities of junk food and watching the only decent commercials shown on TV make this Sunday anything approaching super.

This is less of a prediction than a rooting preference. The Patriots have just GOT to win.

I'll have to get a post-frontal lobotomy if the Giants win. It'll be impossible to listen to sports radio if the Giants win, based on the amount of journalistic fellatio administered by radio "professionals" on the Giants in anticipation of this game.

What is it with Big Media (the BM for short) and New York teams? With the exception of the Lakers, no LA team gets stroked the way New York teams do. Outside of the Cubs, Chicago teams get no love like New York teams get. Only the Red Sox get the BM as lathered up as ANY New York team does.

I can't stand it. Patriots, please, please win. Save us from this hell.