Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wiener of the Month - April

April is at an end. So, apparently, is the Supreme Court career of Justice David Souter, the albatross hung 'round the neck of America by King George the Elder way back in 1990. This Trojan Horse was pushed through by old Bush with all of the usual assurances that he would uphold the Constitution.

But did he? Hell no! Souter beat cheeks over to the Liberal end of the court. He joined with the other liberals on the court who believe that they are the seven anointed oracles appointed by...well, not God, certainly, because "you can't mix church and state"...but appointed, nonetheless, to rule according to......whatever they feel like, apparently, because it sure ain't the Constitution of the United States they're using as their guide.

King O is likely to appoint someone even further to the left of Souter as his replacement, so it's not like we can celebrate his departure as an improvement in the Court. But we can celebrate the end of the career of a sanctimonious phony who used the Constitution as toilet paper.

I have one further beef against Souter. He not only didn't understand technology, but openly avoided any contact with it, preferring to use a fountain pen to hand write his legal opinions. So what?, you say. What does that matter? It matters plenty! It shows a man lacking in intellectual curiousity (sound familiar? that was the accusation leveled at King George the Dim by the Left). It shows a man who's made up his mind, who's inflexible, who's refused to explore things he doesn't understand. It shows a man whose head is shoved firmly into the sand (or firmly somewhere else, if you prefer). It is a leading indicator of a lack of intellect.

Ah, hell. Why sugar coat it? The man is an effing idiot.

And he's the Wiener of the Month.