Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long time no post

Your friendly neighborhood Vulture has been under the weather of late.  The sinus infection from Hell has left me feeling like warmed-over carrion for the past several days.  And while warmed-over carrion might be considered a tasty snack for a scavenger bird, feeling that way isn't any way to go through life.

It's not like there's been much going on worth blogging about anyway.  Obama Mussolini-Care is now the law of the land - hey, how 'bout that?  Il Duce dissed Benjamin Netanyahu - hey, how 'bout that?  At least the administration is finally taking terrorism seriously...oh wait, no they're not - arresting "Christian militia" members in Michigan?  Seriously?

If it seems like I'm maybe a little disconnected from the events of the day, it might be because I am.  I hear a lot of "blah, blah, blah" regarding our government's steady march to Fascism (which the TV blathering heads insist on mis-labeling as "Socialism"), but I don't see much in the way of action.  I hear a lot more about how awful the health care takeover will be for the economy than about how it destroys what's left of our personal liberties.  I guess so-called "conservatives" would be happy with the legislation if it only took away our freedoms but restored the economy.  Or am I misreading the situation?

In any regard, I thought I should post SOMETHING today, just so you'd know I'm still out there (some might say "WAAAAAAAY out there", but that's their interpretation).  I'll post again soon once my health and my attitude are doing better.