Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sean Hannity has no sense of irony

As I recently lamented, my morning commute is a poorer experience since the stuffed shirts and empty heads at Fox Sports Radio replaced Steve Czaban with Screamin' A. Smith.  Today I hit the perfect storm of commuter radio hell: all of the usual radio shows I listen to went to commercial break simultaneously.  I punched my way up the XM radio dial until I came to America Right.  They were playing a replay of yesterday's Sean Hannity show.

Now, normally I wouldn't listen to Hannity on a dare.  But, because of the commercial break syncronicity, I decided it was better than listening to Viagra ads. 

The segment I caught was vintage Hannity.  The questionably Constitutional new law in Arizona regarding illegal aliens was the subject du jour.  I find myself somewhere in the middle of the continuum between Hannity's cheerleading for the measure and William Grigg's excoriation of same, though, in truth, I'm much close to Will Grigg's viewpoint than that of the simpleton, Hannity.

As Hannity's unabashed cheerleading screed droned to a close, he welcomed a guest with whom he wanted to discuss the measure: none other than Scamnesty cheerleader John McCommie!

To my utter amazement, Hannity and McCommie discussed the bill for several minutes without once mentioning that McCommie is the leading proponent tool supporting Scamnesty.  To Hannity's credit, he DID ask McCommie at the end of the interview if he (McCommie) had any second thoughts about having supported Scamnesty during King George the Dim's regime.  But he spoke to McCommie for at least 2.5 minutes -- an eternity on radio -- without acknowledging McCommie's immigration stance.

Not only is Hannity intellectually challenged, he is completely untouched by irony.  Who else would fail to see the irony of a segment in celebration of a crackdown on illegal immigration that features John McCommie?

I feel dumber for having listened to that segment.  That's 5 minutes of my life utterly wasted.  Utterly.  Wasted.