Friday, January 21, 2011

The PG County "solution"

I've said it before.  There are only two things government does well: growth, and coercion.  So who can be surprised that PG County's "solution" to their obscene murder rate problem is coercion.
Some residents tell 9NEWS NOW that the increased police patrols following the murder spike in Prince George's County has led to some questionable activity.

"The yanked me out of the car, put a knee on my back, and checked my rectum several times," said a 20 year old man who did not want to use his name.
Checked his rectum several times. Is this a gay bath house, or police work?  Has The Prickette found work in PG County?

Seriously, who can be surprised? The Police State is upon us, in varying degrees depending on locale. You might not notice it in the affluent suburbs like Potomac. But if you live in HURTing Seat Pleasant or Anacostia, you're living it. Up close and personal.