Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV prediction

The Vulture presents his fourth annual Super Bowl prediction.

I've got a perfect record in these predictions. In each of the three previous years, the team I selected as my rooting interest/pick to win -- the Patriots, Cardinals 49ers' bitches, and Colts -- have all lost.

I apologize in advance to this year's pick.

This year I'm going with the Green Bay Packers. There's a number of reasons for this pick. First, it's a direct "in your face!" to the junk-slinger, Brett Favre, who had the worst year of his career, got in trouble for sending pictures of his junk to random women, and appears to be washed-up. Second, I'm sick of the Steelers and their legion of fans in this region. I suspect that there are as many Steelers fans in Frederick County as there are Redskins or Ravens fans. And they're arrogant. And annoying. The fans, I mean; the Steelers, as a team, seem to be about team. There aren't any Deion Sanders types prancing around saying, "Look at me! Look at me!" They are workmanlike and professional. And they're winners.

Both teams are extremely good. Both teams peaked at the right time. Both teams have quality QBs. Both teams have exceptional defenses. So why pick the Packers over the Steelers? Because the effing Steelers already have one more SB championship than my 49ers! Enough already!

I'll post after the game regarding the success of my pick. Hopefully this will be the year that I get one right.