Thursday, July 5, 2012

The right outcome, but the wrong reason

Faithful reader April Day sent me this message. The subject is not my bailiwick. I usually defer to Bill Medvecky or Toes when it comes to CASA and CPS issues. But given that Bill doesn't seem to be signing, and Toes has seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth, I'll be happy to post on this.
Here's something you might want to address on your blog.

On June 19, Debra Brown, the wife of Judge Mike Brown of San Angelo, Texas, was sentenced to 4 years in prison from embezzling funds from the Child Advocacy Center. Her husband divorced her and she will have to pay more than $300,000 to the Child Advocacy Center.

Our friend, Bill Medvecky, discussed Debra Brown on his blog. He posted photos of Debra Brown and her girl friends from CASA in Colorado City. But Bill has ended his blog and is on vacation this month.

For further information, please read the San Angelo Standard Times.
There is schadenfreude aplenty in this news, and yet....

It's a little like Al Capone getting pinched for tax evasion instead of racketeering and murder. This disgraceful POS sub-human is going to jail where, trust me, she belongs. But she belongs there for what she and her do-goodie-good ilk have done to the children who were torn from their parents and placed in situations where they could be raped or molested or even killed, all done in the name of protecting the children but carried out, in reality, for no better reason that to protect the funding of their loathsome and predatory agencies.

Yeah, I'm glad Debra Brown is rotting in prison. I just wish it was for the right reason.