Tuesday, November 27, 2007

C'mon, Czabe!

Steve Czaban is the preeminent sports radio talking head, IMHO. He is especially good when mocking the stultifying sanctimony of ESPN - particularly his favorite target, Chris Berman. I'm a HUGE fan.

But his latest take, on the Sean Taylor shooting is borderline crybaby.

Second, the season as far as I’m concerned is over emotionally, if he doesn’t begin a trend toward survival and recovery. I mean, really. If Taylor is in a coma, or worse, why the hell would I as a fan care about any wins or losses from here out?
Boo frickin' hoo!

I get SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of the sports world's talking heads getting all preachy about the importance of sports is every time a catastrophe occurs. There is nothing more cloying than seeing some asshat with a $250 haircut whose lone contribution to society thus far has been to demonstrate how "bad mechanics" is the reason why Alex Smith can't hit a wide-open target from 10 yards away suddenly become Socrates. "It really puts the unimportance of sports into perspective when something tragic like this happens." Blah, blah, blah. Get the frick over yourself.

Most of us already understand the nature of sports fandom. Most of us recognize it for the brain candy that it is. Most of us understand that we live in a world where tragedy abounds. And most of us have sufficient brain power to be able to compartmentalize, to segregate the real-world tragedy from the sports-world fantasy.

So go sell sanctimony somewhere else - we're not buying here. Sorry, Czabe.

UPDATE: Sean Taylor has died. I'm really sorry. I still stand by everything I said above.