Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weiner of the Week

I plan on doing a regular feature - awarding a 'Weiner of the Week', 'Weiner of the Month', and, of course 'Weiner of the Year'.

The inaugural 'Weiner of the Week' is Pat Robertson. Once upon a time, Robertson was a relevant force in the politicization of conservative Christians, along with Jerry Falwell. I never could tolerate either of them: they didn't speak for me (or my kind), and they did more in the past 25 years to harm Christianity in terms of societal impact than any coven of atheist asshats could have ever done.

But now Robertson has finally, irrevocably, destroyed his credibility by endorsing Rudy Guiliani for President. Thank God!

Rudy Guiliani is the antithesis of the kind of candidate acceptable to either conservatives or Christians. He's a big-spending liberal in terms of ideology. He is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-"sanctuary". WTF, Pat? Sell out much?

For selling out to the "establishment" Republican candidate instead of showing some real integrity, Pat Robertson is my 'Weiner of the Week'.