Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wiener of the Week

Lord football, the National Football League, is this week's Wiener of the Week.

Why? Here's the problem. The Pro Bowl rosters have been named. There is an official, published list available through various sources. Because many of the players named to the Pro Bowl won't be able to participate for various reasons, there are a number of players designated as Alternates. If you watch tomorrow's games, you'll hear various references to "so-and-so is a second alternate for the Pro Bowl".

Okay...the announcers know who's an alternate - why don't we, the fan, know? WHY is there no official published list of the Pro Bowl alternates? ANYWHERE? Oh, sure, if you Google "Pro Bowl Alternates", you'll be able to eventually track down, from team websites and radio station web sites, the Alternates from a given team or two. But you'll never be able to get the complete list. Why is the list of Pro Bowl alternates such a highly guarded secret?

C'mon, NFL! We, your fans, whose dollars have enriched you and given you your popularity and power, deserve to know who the Alternates are! NFL - you are the Wiener of the Week.