Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wiener of the Week

I'll blog later on my little trip to Florida, but right now I'm all about the Wieners. Today I'll name the Wiener of the Week. Tomorrow, the Wiener of the Month for December will be selected. And Tuesday - New Year's Day - the Wiener of the Year will be named. It's Wiener Time in Vulture Land.

The Wiener of the Week is Chris Jessie, the stepson of Texas coach Mack Brown. Jessie achieved his 15 minutes of infamy during the course of Texas' 52-34 victory over Arizona State University and its heinous coach, the loathsome drunk, Dennis Erickson, hated by 49ers fans the world over.

Arizona State quarterback Rudy Carpenter threw an errant backwards pass - clearly a fumble - in the direction of the Texas bench. Just before the ball reached the sideline, but while the ball was clearly still in play, Jessie reached out and narrowly brushed the ball...WHILE STANDING IN THE FIELD OF PLAY. The resulting penalty gave Arizona State second life and they promptly scored on the very next play.

While it can be argued that, because Texas ended up winning the game, Jessie should be cut some slack, the bottom line is this: ANYONE allowed on the sideline of a football game at ANY level MUST be aware of what's going on. For inserting himself into a Division 1-A football game at the worst possible moment, Chris Jessie is my Wiener of the Week.