Sunday, December 23, 2007

One for the Road - Paglia Speaks

I'm going to be unable to post for the next few days, but I wanted to leave my many readers (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA) with one for the road.

I know I have a reputation for being something of a wide-eyed ultra-right wing extremist. Yet, unlike many so designated, I have a very wide variety of authors whose commentary I sample on a regular basis. It never hurts to be informed on all sides of an issue, even when you're inevitably right, as I am.

Camille Paglia is a sometimes-darling, sometimes-devil to the ultra-left. She is a feminist in the original tradition of Feminism (i.e., we want rights, but men aren't the devil). She is the most level-headed liberal I've ever had the pleasure of reading. So, whether you can relate with her unique brand of Rational Liberalism, or are more aligned with my "Abide by the Constitution, you bastards!" mentality, you might want to give her a read.

Paglia recently opined on the subject of that blowhard charlatan, Al Gore, and his Nobel Peace Prize.

Al Gore got the Nobel Prize this week for his role as chief propagandist in spreading global warming hysteria into every nook and cranny of credulous minds. I expect that this baseless panic, like all fads, will evaporate when apocalypse doesn't arrive on schedule. Meanwhile let's focus on legitimate practical issues -- such as the grotesque volume of pollution belched by big-rig trucks, which in the absence of an efficient interstate rail system in the U.S. are absurdly carrying freight for thousands of miles from coast to coast. Exhaust from family SUVs is nothing compared to the environmental damage wrought by trucks, whose massive weight and deadline-driven high speeds also constitute an unacceptable risk to passenger vehicles on the highway.
Wow! A liberal who thinks for herself, and who thinks beyond talking points! If more liberals were like her, we might be able to get beyond the partisan stalemate in Washington.

And how do I feel about Mr. Gore and his Nobel? Al Gore is the Joseph Goebbels of the One-World Socialist Utopia Elitist Oligarchy that seeks to rule over us all. He is a master of The Big Lie. He's a disease, and his crusade to force those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be among The Elite to live lesser lives in order to "save the planet" from......well, from among the cruelest of hoaxes ever perpetrated.