Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Conspiracy theory

I usually won't "go there"...but today I'm going to "go there".  "There" is conspiracy theory land.  Conspiracy theory land is that place where tinfoil hat-wearing kooks imagine all sorts of bizarro world stuff: the Bildeburgers, Skull and Bones, One-world elite conspiracies straight from the imagination of Dan Brown. 

Please allow me to doff my tinfoil hat just this once.  I've got a conspiracy theory.

I believe that the Duce administration has intentionally allowed the oil spill off the cost of Louisiana to get progressively worse in order to create an epic environmental catastrophe. 

There I said it.  Now let me take off the tinfoil hat and explain WHY I have come to this conclusion.

The Administration has essentially done nothing in the 30+ days that this disaster has been unfolding.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  Jack Squat. This sort of neglect doesn't just happen.  It's intentional. 

Il Duce may be an extremist and a bumbler, but even the most accomplished bumbler (Jimmy Carter, anyone?) eventually will do SOMETHING.  Even if that something is wrong, they'll do SOMETHING.  So far Il Duce has...commissioned a study of the issue.  No, seriously.  That's it.

It is apparant to me that Il Duce seeks to leverage this catastrophe to gain more government control of our energy resources as well as an excuse to forever ban offshore drilling.

Think I'm nuts?  Tell me why.