Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sequels we DON'T need

For people of a certain age, like me, these two news items are chilling.  Truly chilling.
Richard Nixon's grandson is joining the family business.

Like the Kennedys, Carters, Cuomos and Bushes before him, 30-year-old Christopher Nixon Cox is hoping to use his family's political legacy as a springboard to political office. He's seeking the GOP nomination to run against four-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Bishop in eastern Long Island — a seat Republicans hope to win as part of the party's effort to recapture the House.
The eldest grandson of former President Jimmy Carter has won a suburban Atlanta state Senate seat in a special election Tuesday night.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The two worst politicians of the 1970's - hell, perhaps of the entire 20th century - are making vicarious comebacks in the guise of their demon spawn.  The last thing this country needs after 8 years of King George the Dim and 1.5 years of Il Duce is a dose of Nixon/Carter!

Watergate.  Enemies lists.  Gas lines.  18% interest rates.  11% inflation.  Disco.

Okay, technically they weren't responsible for disco.  But someone has to take the fall for it!