Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend wrapup - yet another meltdown

Will the real Alex Smith please stand up?  No, really - PLEASE!

Is Alex Smith a clownish turnover machine?  Or is he a bona fide potential top-tier NFL quarterback?

Sunday night, he was both.

The Niners lost 27-24 to the Iggles in a game where flashes of brilliance collided face first with the worst sort of ineptitude. 

Five turnovers.  Five.  Five MF'ing turnovers!!!!!  Holy Joe Montana!

For his part, Alex Smith was responsible for 3 of the five -- one a cover-your-eyes backpedal resulting in a fumble returned for a touchdown -- with the usually reliable Frank Gore accounting for the other two.  I love Frank Gore, but he has a propensity for serial fumbling.  If he fumbles once in a game, look out -- another is sure to follow.

Alex Smith was nearly booed out of the building, and nearly benched.  Then he proceeded to run off an amazing sequence of plays where he could do no wrong, bringing the Niners from two touchdowns behind to 3 points behind.  Of course, he ended this amazing sequence with yet another turnover.  *sigh*

There was a Michael Crabtree sighting Sunday night - he had his first 100 yard receiving day of his career and a really pretty touchdown grab.  But he's still a turd in my book.  With less than two minutes remaining in the first half, he made a catch and run for a first down, then jumped up and started celebrating.  Hey, asshat!  Know the situation!  Inside of two minutes with time ticking away is NOT the time to showboat.  Tool!

The team is now 0-5.  You're smoking crack if you think a playoff appearance is in the cards this year. 

I think I'm gonna be ill.