Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White-hot Prickette

War.  Really, it's the only word that can begin to describe the escalation of the saga of The People vs. The Mall Cop a Palos.  To summarize the events to this point.
  • The individual behind Coram Non Judice (or, as I prefer, Caput Penitus Culus -- Head Inside Ass) has presented himself/herself/itself as the legal expert for all things related to the illegal seizure of the FLDS children in Texas.

  • Said individual -- while, mind you, remaining completely anonymous -- engaged in the worst sort of character assassination against those whose opinions differed from his own.  Said individuals would include The Pharisee, Bill Medvecky, ScottyL of Ye Olde Journalist, Toes, and The Vulture.  Among other slurs, these individuals have been accused of being pedophiles or pro-pedophilia.  All save Toes blog "in the clear", with their real name and other information there for all to see.  I think that all fair-minded people would agree that slurs against real people -- particularly heinous slurs like calling someone a pedophile -- done from cover of anonymity is the act of a total coward.

  • A Wikipedia administrator, investigating allegations of sock puppetry/meat puppetry and of using multiple identities in those activities (clearly against Wikipedia regulations), discovered two individuals, Sgt. Greg Prickett (hereafter referred to as The Prickette*) and Natalie Malonis (a prominent anti-FLDS lawyer) were engaged in meat puppetry.

  • In the course of that administrator's investigation, the admin found a link from one of The Prickette's aliases (TxBluesMan) to the execrable POS Caput Penitus Culus.  He also discovered The Pharisee, looking for TxBluesMan.

  • Long story short, The Pharisee became aware of The Prickette's real name, and he was formally "outed".

  • All of the aforementioned individuals previously slandered by The Prickette (save Toes, who remains ever polite) had a field day with this information.  The Prickette was called everything but a Child of God by said individuals.  Not coincidentally, every word of what was said about the Prickette by these individuals was....wait for it....TRUE.

  • Bill Medvecky wrote an open letter to The Prickette's boss detailing the kinds of activities he had been involved in.

  • The Prickette issued a Cease and Desist order to The Pharisee, Bill Medvecky, and ScottyL to "stop calling him names and telling on him".  Big pussy!  At the time, I was just a wee bit bent that he hadn't included me in that order.  I didn't realize how lucky I was.

  • The Prickette escalated.   He published pictures of The Pharisee's daughter on that cesspool of a blog, FLDS Texas, in a clear effort to intimidate and extort The Pharisee to back off.

  • The Pharisee countered by contacting just about everyone associated with the university where The Prickette works to alert them to the kind of stalker sociopath they have working for them.

  • The university, clearly seeing the potential liability they faced if they did nothing about this whack-job placed The Prickette on Administrative Leave.

  • Now the other shoe has dropped, so to speak.  The Prickette has sued The Pharisee, Bill Medvecky, ScottyL, and the Wikipedia administrator for $1 million big ones and filed an ex parte which enjoins these gentlemen to desist in their accurate but hurtful name calling against The Prickette (Greggie!  Whatever happened to "sticks and stones..."?).   The full document can be read here.
Does anyone still doubt that we're dealing with a borderline personality here?  The Prickette sees absolutely nothing wrong with slandering innocent people, threatening their employment, threatening their relatives(!).  But reveal who he is and the kind of things he's done over the past two years...and he's first in line at the courthouse, ready to sue your ass.

Prickette, you're every bit the sniveling coward I thought you were the first time we had the opportunity to exchange views.  Wait, we didn't exchange views so much as I shared an opinion regarding the 4th Amendment violations I perceived regarding the flimsy warrant the Texas Stoßtruppen used as an excuse to search EVERY HOME IN THE FREAKING COMMUNITY and you called me a pedophile.

If I were the gentlemen named in your lawsuit -- particularly if I were The Pharisee -- I'd counter-sue your sorry ass.  I would guess that the aforementioned folks kept records of their "interactions" with you, just as I have.  I believe the things you've done to all of us from cover of anonymity completely dwarf the things these guys have allegedly done to you "in the clear".


* Prickette was chosen as Mr. Prickett's non de guerre for the following reasons.  First, the name "Prickett" is pronounced "prick-ETT".  Second, the suffix "-ette" is used as a feminine diminutive.  This results in Prickette - a prick, only smaller and less masculine.