Saturday, December 20, 2008

King George's bailout

What the Senate rightly refused to do, King George the Dim has done.

The Bush administration said it would lend $17.4 billion to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC, buying them a few weeks of financial relief but leaving the biggest decisions about the industry's future to President-elect Barack Obama.
Good old King George! If ever there was a president (besides Lincoln) who acted as if he were the Emperor, it's old Georgie. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the Constitution grants the president any authority whatsoever to spend so much as one dime from the public treasury on anything, let alone bailouts. Did I miss something? Was the Constitution amended whilst I slept?

At least Ford had the common decency to decline King George's largess.

There are at least three things about this illegal and immoral act that I have issue with.

1. If there was previously any doubt as to the advent of the dictatorial presidency, they're surely gone now! King George has established a precedent - now His Holiness, King Obama, will have carte blanche to take whatever extra-Constitutional actions he so desires. Thanks, asshat!

2. These "poor" automakers are in such desperate straights! Yet that didn't stop them from spending $50 million dollars lobbying Congress during the past year! Nor from paying even more than that in salaries and bonuses to the clowns who put them into peril with their herd mentality decision making.

3. A pattern has been established. The House votes in favor of something the administration wants but the will of the people opposes. The Senate votes down the steaming pile of legislation. Then the President swoops in and mandates via fiat that what would have been the result of said steaming pile shall be so.

We're no long a Republic. Nor are we a representative democracy. We are a country by the wealthy and connected, for the wealthy and connected, against the non-wealthy and non-connected. We are Amerika!