Friday, December 12, 2008

The last piece of the fascade falls

He was supposed to be a conservative, the heir to Ronald Reagan. That "compassionate conservative" stuff? All part of his master plan to win over moderates. Once he was in the White House, he'd stride forcefully rightward and restore Conservatism in the White House.

He was supposed to want no part in "nation building" - Clinton's poorly executed attempts at creating functional nations out of third-world shitholes.

He was supposed to be a born-again Christian, saved from alcoholism by his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He was supposed to be all of these things. He is none of them.

It has become obvious in the past 8 years that King George the Dim is a stateist of the first order. He's a fiscal nightmare. He puts no stock whatsoever in personal liberties. How can I say that? Actions speak MUCH louder than words. King George's legacy includes a multi-trillion dollar increase in the national debt. It includes the Department of Homeland Security (the Schutzstaffel). It includes domestic spying programs that, we're assured, only target "the bad guys", but in reality could be used (and may, in fact, already be in use) against any of us.

His little adventure in Iraq (wrong war/wrong country - if you're REALLY fighting Islamic extremism, you attack it at the source, Saudi Arabia) added billions of dollars of debt in the ultimate example of nation building: nation building at gun point.

Now the fascade of who King George was supposed to be is finally destroyed en toto. His alleged Christian faith? Not so much.

President George W. Bush said his belief that God created the world is not incompatible with scientific proof of evolution.

President George W. Bush, here at an appearance Monday in McLean, Va., said in an interview on ABC's 'Nightline' that the Bible is "probably not" literally true -- even though "I think you can learn a lot from it."
And there you have it. To King George, evolution is "scientific proof". To anyone not part of the cult of Science who's bothered to do any research into the matter, it's a nice mythology that requires more faith than a belief that a superior Being created everything.

But put that aside. Who knows HOW God created the Earth? Simplistic Christians think it took 6 days because that's what Genesis says. Literalist Christians think 6,000 years, because "With the Lord a day is like a thousand years". Too bad they didn't notice the word "like" and the rest of the verse (2 Peter 3:8): "and a thousand years are like a day". That would leave THINKING Christians, who have no problem admitting that we have no idea how long it took or how God did it. Those "6 days" could have been billions of years. Day one alone could have been several billion.

The Genesis account is a simplified narrative targeted at a primitive people to whom any span of time beyond the next growing season was beyond their grasp. That's ironic when you consider that NOW that same simplified narrative is a stumbling block for the intellectual heirs of those primitives. You know, like King George.

He's not a Conservative. He's not the heir to Reagan...more like the heir to Woodrow Wilson. There nothing compassionate about his Stateism. He's the worst kind of nation-builder. And his Christianity is phony, just a prop for political gain.

It makes me wish that Karma was real. I'd love to see him get his just desserts.