Friday, October 30, 2009

What goes around, comes around

Next to chowing down on a dead horse, there's nothing a Vulture loves more than schadenfreude. Understand, I don't enjoy the suffering of good people. No, my schadenfreude emanates from just-desserts served piping hot to stone-cold jerks who desperately need it.

David Letterman desperately needed it.

You're probably thinking, "Vulture! This is old news! Everyone knows about Mr. Letterman and his peccadilloes by now!" Of course that would be true. But everyone might not know about this.

A former writer for David Letterman said she quit his NBC talk show in part because of alleged sexual favoritism and a hostile work environment.

Nell Scovell, writing for Vanity Fair online Tuesday, said she had no intention of filing a lawsuit and wasn't seeking revenge.

"I wanted to shine a light on gender inequality in that particular workplace," Scovell, who went on to a successful Hollywood career, said in a telephone interview.

This. Is. Awesome!

Think about it. Mr. I'm-so-much-hipper-than-everyone-else I'm-so-much-better-than-everyone-else I-support-every-liberal-cause-known-to-mankind smarmy greaseball smirking Letterman (his actual name: no wonder he goes by David) didn't just get caught with his pants down. No, Mr. Superiority Complex got caught breaking one of the cardinal rules of Liberaldom: thou shalt not create a hostile work environment!

Think back with me to the 1980's when the wave of "hostile workplace" lawsuits hit the fan. All you had to do was tell a dirty joke or tell a coworker that she looked nice and you were a target. Smug self-important asshats like Letterman were all over that stuff, pretentiously looking down their noses in condescension at the poor bastards whose lives were ruined as a result of those lawsuits.

And now Mr. Ultra-Liberal is shown for the phony he really is. He never believed in that crap! He just mouthed the words in accordance with the Liberal tradition of groupspeak. Then he went out and tried to shag as many of his own subordinates as he possibly could in the ensuing years.

Let's hope that there's no end to Mr. Letterman's suffering for the foreseeable future. It's put me in such a great mood!