Friday, October 2, 2009

A great idea killed - goodbye, Saturn!

It was with great sadness that "I read the news today (oh, boy!)" that Penske has dropped out of trying to acquire Saturn from General Motors. That means that Saturn is dead - flat-lined, finito, taking the dirt nap, toes up, gone to that great car museum in the sky, etc, etc.

Okay, I'm trying to be flip because, in truth, this news really disappoints me. A lot.

As I wrote some months ago, Saturn has a special place in my heart. My family has owned 5 Saturns from 1992 to the present. I was in a serious accident in a Saturn and walked away from it unharmed. I loved my Saturns.

Saturn was the one good thing GM did since....hmm....since....oh, I know! Since the introduction of the Camaro. Saturn was a brilliant idea. Great quality, high mileage, maximum safety, no-haggle purchasing. Naturally, GM being GM, they FUBARed it. Eff you, GM!

Good bye, Saturn. It was awesome while it lasted.