Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blame it on racism

Just what you wanted to see - another post about Czaban and FSR's ass-headed decision to let him go. I only bring it up again because of something a commenter posted in response to the flood of comments posted in response to Czabe's original post (the complete text can now be seen here).

I wish I could link to the whole chain of comments, but it only exists as a snapshot in my personal coComment account, inaccessible to others. You'll just have to take my word for it that I'm not making this up. Anyway, this is what a commenter using the handle 'Billy Ray' wrote.

Czabe sucks! Y'all are a bunch of racists for hating on Steven A Smith!
Racists. Not "I disagree with your assessment of the situation and welcome Mr. Smith as a replacement for Mr. Czaban, whose show I did not enjoy." No, Mr. Stereotype goes straight to the race card. Nice.

Let me clear things up for 'Billy Ray'.
  1. Every post written prior to yours was written by a Czaban FAN. As you can expect, those of us who are fanboys of Mr. Czaban are unhappy with FSR's decision. It goes without saying that, as fans of Czabe's show format, his style, and the topics he discusses, we'd be a little less than enthused for his replacement.

  2. Screamin' A. Smith is a disciple of the ESPN faux "debate" school of sports radio and an adherent to the motto, "He who yells loudest wins the argument". As such, those of us who find this radio format annoying are going to voice our displeasure.

  3. If it was JP 'The Brick' (another adherent to the "he who yells loudest" school of thought) who had been named as Czaban's replacement instead of Mr. Smith, I guarantee there's not one of the 77 commenters who preceded you who would have responded any differently than they did.

  4. Prior to your post, not a single person commenting on the thread mentioned that Mr. Smith is black.

  5. Ergo, given points 1-4, you're an idiot and a tool.
There, wasn't that easy. Logic 1, Dipstick 0.

Overplaying the race card is SOOOOO done! C'mon! Use your brain. Think for yourself. See the world how it really is.

Race relations in this country will never heal until tools like 'Billy Ray' STFU.