Saturday, December 26, 2009

Terror Attempt

Great! As if air travel in this country weren't enough of a drag, now another Islamic douchebag has to go and try to blow up another plane.

A senior U.S. counterterror official says a passenger aboard a Delta Air Lines flight in Detroit was planning to blow up the plane but the explosive device failed, the Associated Press reported today.

A White House official said the incident was an attempted act of terrorism.

AP said it learned that early indications were the passenger said he was acting on behalf of Al Qaeda.
Okay, so this bozo tried to flame up some sort of improvised explosive device - and failed. But who failed more, the bozo, or the TSSA (two S's required in order to correctly abbreviate Schutzstaffel)?

If you answered TSSA, go to the head of the class. If you're the TSSA, this just won't do. So, naturally, in order to give the impression that they're "doing something", the TSSA is going to go to extreme, even absurd lengths. After all, nobody does absurd like the TSSA.

God help us all.