Monday, December 7, 2009

Proof that there is no intelligent life in network programming

Steven Czaban announced today that his radio show will be canceled effective December 23rd.

File this one under “Horrible and Ironic Ways (For Your Radio Show) To Die.”

My contract with Fox Sports Radio has not been renewed. The last day of the “Steve Czaban Show” is scheduled for December 23rd.

Steven A. Smith will be my permanent replacement.

Now, you can chew on that one for a bit.
Wait. Let me get this straight. Someone in programming at FSR thought it would be a good idea to replace Steve Czaban, the guy who increased the number of FSR morning terrestrial affiliates from 106 to 186, with Screamin' A. Smith?!?!?!? SCREAMIN' A. SMITH?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!??!

Screamin' A. Smith is HORRIBLE. Even ESPN couldn't take this guy any more!

My commute just got a lot longer. Vaya con Dios, Mr. Czaban. In spite of what the empty suits who made this ass-headed decision think, you're still the greatest!


The link to Czabe's announcement has been severed. FSR must have noticed the commotion and "asked" him to take it down. God forbid Czabe's fans should discomfit the empty suits at FSR!

Update II

Czabe has a new "Th-th-th-th-that's all folks" post on his website.