Monday, June 14, 2010

Colin Quinn - role model

I was never a fan of Colin Quinn before.  I thought he was a big tool.  How wrong I was.  I just happened to catch the last few minutes of the Joy Behar show (a show I normally wouldn't watch on a bet) and witnessed this exchange (the subject being Jesse James).
BEHAR: I see, well he did have a little bit of a Nazi thing, he dressed up like a Nazi. But he`s just --

QUINN: Oh so what, I like the fact -- here`s how politically correct our country is. That he`s actually more horrified, the worst part is that people think he`s a racist. That`s how politically correct our country is. All the other stuff, like, whatever, but people might perceive me as a racist. I`m sick of it.

BEHAR: What are you sick of, which part?

QUINN: People acting like racism is the worst crime than murder in the (EXPLICATIVE DELETED) country.

MO ROCCA: Well he didn`t murder -

QUINN: That`s what I`m sick of.

MO ROCCA: Did her murder somebody?

QUINN: Well it`s funny you bring that up -

BEHAR: What are you saying?

QUINN: I`m saying did you see how he goes the worst thing of all is people think I`m a racist.

BEHAR: Yes, yes.

QUINN: Right. I`m saying this -- the culture that we live in, everything else is -- if you`re a racist that`s the worst thing in the country.

BEHAR: Well he`s saying it`s worst than being a philanderer. I agree with that. Don`t you?

QUINN: No I don`t.

BEHAR: Because racism causes more trouble than philandering.

QUINN: I don`t know about that, not in this country.

BEHAR: Not in this lifetime for you but other people in Arizona, for example, they`re having problems.

QUINN: You`re right, I can`t believe that -- that`s brutal, trying to get people to show their I.D.


QUINN: Anyway --

MO ROCCA: should we be talking to Paula Abdul?

QUINN: That`s brutal.

BEHAR: OK speaking of "AMERICAN IDOL" --

QUINN: I had to show I.D. to get into this building.
That. was. AWESOME!  "I had to show I.D. to get into this building."  Priceless.

He's right.  He's absolutely right.  People view racism as worse than cheating on your spouse.  Worse than beating your children.  Worse than embezzling, fraud, or lying under oath. 

Notice how both host Behar and guest Mo Rocca kept trying to change the subject.  The truth tends to bring out that reaction in the politically correct.

Colin Quinn, I salute you.  You're an American Hero.