Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The "conservative" LA Times(?!)

Has there been some sort of seismic shift in the polarity of the planet?  Because there are grumblings about Il Duce emanating from a most unexpected place - the Los Angeles Times!

The Times' "bashing" of the Dear Leader has reached such magnitude that noted Lefttard Eric Boehlert felt compelled to go on a major whinefest to complain about the "conservative" Times editorialists and columnists and their mistreatment of his messiah.

But now, in the aftermath of Duce's first ever Oval Office address to the nation (First ever?  In June?  Of his second year in office?), yet another Times editorialist has teed off on Obama.
But watching the president and hearing him was a little creepy; that early portion of the address was robotic, lacked real energy, enthusiasm. And worst of all specifics. He was virtually detail-less.

After almost two months of waiting through continuously contradictory reports, an anxious American public wanted to know, HOW are you going to accomplish all this?

Even Obama's cheerleaders over at MSNBC were complaining. "Where was the How in this speech?" demanded Keith Olbermann. Seriously.
Yeah. Seriously.

Every day we hear about offers of assistance to help trap the oil, or to help clean up the mess, being given the "unvite" (for those of you over 30, that roughly signifies an awkward non-invitation given under duress).  Most vexing of all is the Administration's refusal to consider a waiver of the Jones Act, a steaming pile of 1920's era protectionist BS beloved by Big Labor because it prohibits ships and/or crews from foreign countries from engaging in business in US Coastal waters.  As a result of the Jones Act, Dutch vessels with expertise in dealing with huge oil spills sit on the sidelines, unable to assist in any way in the cleanup of what is easily the greatest eco-disaster of the 21st century.

I'm starting to think that my tin-foil hat conspiracy theory actually holds water!

So The Times is now a right-wing rag, and MSNBC is criticizing Il Duce as well.  What's next?  Pigs flying? 

A side note on the Times article.  Check out the photo of Florida Governor Charlie Christ piping (for those of you over 30, that means "staring intently at") the ass of a young hottie on the beach at the top of the article.  Dirty old man!