Monday, June 7, 2010

The search for truth

During the course of my current work situation, where I find myself desperately in need of two or three clones at to handle the workload, this humble blog was visited by an individual identifying himself as Ontological Comedian.  I'll call him OC for short.

Apparently, OC got the idea from one of my posts that I was one of those goofball frothing-at-the-mouth "conservatives" who find in Il Duce all of the necessary attributes to conclude that he is the Antichrist.  His first comment post was very mocking and sarcastic in tone and content.

Rather than "go off" on OC like I might have done in the past, I tried to explain my perspectives and point-of-view in a more reasoned manner.  And much to my surprise, this approach resulted in an equally reasoned response from OC.

Though OC and I are never going to agree on much of anything, I find in him the same intellectual honesty that I found in Whateverman back in the day, before his grandmother died and he pretty much abandoned the blogosphere.  I have always been consistent in saying that there ARE honest, reasonable Left-leaning people out there - Camille Paglia being my "Exhibit A" to back that argument.  Though I have nothing but a hunch to back it up, I believe that OC falls into that category.

He blogs at The Real Truth.  You're not going to agree with everything he writes - God knows I don't - but he shows a certain fairness in presenting both sides of issues and seems to share my disdain for the Rush Windbags, Sean Hannitys, and other dirtballs of this world.  Give it a look.