Monday, December 17, 2007

Sports + PC = Snivelling Crap

The Baltimore Sun is a dreadful excuse for a newspaper. But its sports page is usually fairly decent. Until this dripping pile of PC BS. Sportswriter Rick Maese should be flogged.

In death, Taylor quickly became a symbol. From Miami to D.C. to violence-ravaged communities such as Baltimore, his death has forced us to admit that while the violent death of a pro football player is certainly unusual, there are many Sean Taylors - though we normally prefer to ignore their stories.

Last year, there were 275 homicides in Baltimore, and more than 92 percent of the victims were black. (In 2005, there were 269 homicide victims, and 88 percent were black. And this year, though figures aren't yet complete, 90 percent of the city's 268 homicide victims are known to be black.)

Taylor's death, like so many others, is an extension of a genocide that includes nameless victims, faceless assailants and blameless conspirators.

And just who exactly are those conspirators? On one end, we have people who refuse to acknowledge that race is even worth discussing in deaths such as Taylor's; on the other, we have those who shrug their shoulders, look at the crime statistics and decide that it's not their backyard - or worse, doesn't include their race - and, therefore, it's not their problem.

To far too many, hearing phrases such as "black-on-black crime" is like an assignment of responsibility, a presumption that the epidemic is confined to a single race - and so the solution should be, too.

But it doesn't work that way.

"You can't just move out to a certain county, a certain suburb and the crime in Baltimore all of a sudden disappears," says Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham, head of the Baltimore branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "I keep telling people if you don't get involved, it's going to keep growing and it's going to knock on your door someday. Why would you want to wait until then to do something? Let's get involved now and find a solution."
What a load of steaming excrement! First, the problem IS black-on-black crime. All of the statistics support it. This kind of violence happens because of the toxic culture that exists in our inner cities and is, unfortunately, celebrated by many blacks, many white teens, and most asshat Hollywood types, who glorify it by producing hip-hop "music", videos, and even movies.

This kind of violence will continue in perpetuity until American society stops celebrating and starts condemning the toxic ghetto culture.