Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

What a game! The only disappointment for me was that the Cardinals didn't win. "What?!?!?", you say. "You were rooting FOR the Cactus Wrens? A division rival?" Well, yeah. What? You think I was going to root for Pittsburgh to surpass the 49ers and their 5 rings. *sigh*

Now there is an undisputed king of the Super Bowl era. Pittsburgh has 6 rings. They stand alone. Bastards.

The game looked like it would turn into a blowout several time, and yet the Cardinals hung in there. Their 4th quarter comeback would have been the stuff of legend had their sieve-like defense been able to hold on at the end.

This game had everything, including a record 100 yard interception return by a "246" pound linebacker (Puh-lease! Dude weighs 270 if he weighs a pound!).

Kurt Warner, with the exception of throwing said interception, played an amazing game. Before the game the blathering heads were speculating on whether Warner is Hall of Fame worthy. I think that question has been answered. He now has the top three passing performances in Super Bowl history - 414 yards in Super Bowl XXXIV, 377 yards yesterday, and 365 yards in SB XXXVI. He led an amazing 4th quarter comeback that included a 64 yard precision strike to Larry Fitzgerald, who may be the best receiver in football right now. He had an amazing day.

Unfortunately, Warner doesn't play defense. That's where the game was lost.

One final thing. Was anyone besides the six people watching at my house puzzled that the Warner fumble in the waning seconds of the game wasn't reviewed? I swear I thought his arm was moving forward and it was an incompletion. Who was the referee? Dick Bavetta? (For the uninformed, that's a gratuitous slam at the NBA and their stealth referee, the 'fixer' who extends playoff serieses).