Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wiener of the Week

This week the WotW is all about stimulus. Phony stimulus. I mean, c'mon! REAL stimulus would involve putting money in the hands of businesses and consumers in the hope of jump-starting the economy, right? Instead, this steaming pile of legislation seeks to reward those who helped get them elected -- like voter registration fraud organizer ACORN -- as well as increase the size and power of government.

Perhaps the part of the stimulus bill that I find most vexing is the new Agency For Healthcare Research And Quality. This is the camel's nose in the tent, the first baby steps towards single-payer socialized medicine.

So, given that the stimulus bill is a steaming POS, who gets the Wiener? I'm going universal on this one.

  1. The President, for failing to provide leadership
  2. Congress, especially that moron Little Nancy Pelosi, for piling steaming pile after steaming pile of pork and largesse onto a bill that is supposed to be about rescuing the country from financial ruin
  3. Big Media (the BM for short) for hiding the true nature of the legislation
  4. The American public (for swallowing this steaming mess)
  5. The nice but clearly misinformed lady who was handing out flyers in downtown Frederick at First Saturday urging our support for the stimulus bill
All of you, congratulate yourselves. You're the Wiener of the Week.