Monday, February 2, 2009

Wiener of the Month - January

Sometimes the WotM just writes itself. This is one of those times. Check this out.

What happened
John McCain is returning to his unpredictable, often bipartisan form two and a half months after his defeat in the presidential race. In his first speech to the new Congress, McCain admonished Republicans for delaying Hillary Clinton as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state. McCain said the election showed that Americans “want us to work together, and get to work." (The Washington Post)

What the commentators said
It looks like McCain is Obama’s new best friend in the Senate, said Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post. The Arizona senator immediately and publicly praised Obama for announcing the closure of Guantánamo, and Obama has returned the favor with lavish praise for McCain. Maybe McCain sees himself as a bridge between Obama and Republicans, which could make him a “major player” in the fights ahead.
I have four words for all of you "lesser of two evils" Republicans who were lecturing me about McCommie last Fall: I TOLD YOU SO.

Congratulations, "lesser of two evils" Republicans! You're the Wiener of the Month!