Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ron Paul speaks

Ron Paul is like E. F. Hutton to me: when he speaks, I listen. If you get the reference to E. F. Hutton, then you're old, just like me.

Ron Paul is now officially on the record in declaring that Il Duce and Congress are trying to trigger an economic collapse.

“An economic collapse seems to be the goal of Congress and this administration,” Paul said during his weekly radio address Monday.

“Washington spends with impunity, domestically bailing and nationalizing basically everything they can get their hands on,” Paul said.
So far, so good. But he's just getting warmed up. Now he takes on one of government's sacred cows - the International Monetary Fund.
Perhaps most outrageous, Paul said, is the $108 billion loan guarantee to the IMF.

“These new loan guarantees will allow that destructive organization to continue spending taxpayer money to prop up corrupt leaders and promote harmful economic policies overseas. Not only does sending American taxpayer money to the IMF hurt citizens here, evidence shows that it even hurts those it pretends to help.”

Paul said that IMF loans require policy changes called “structural adjustment” programs, which amount to “forced Keynesianism.”

“This is the very fantasy-infused economic model that has brought our own country to its knees,” Paul said, “and IMF loans act as the Trojan horse to inflict it on others."
Preach it, brother man! Such a pity no one is listening.

And now for the coup de grace.
“We are buying nothing but evil and global oppression by sending [our] taxpayer dollars to the IMF — not to mention there is no constitutional authority to do so.”

Why don't we have more men like this in Congress? WHY?!?!?!?