Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost 51

Michael Jackson died last week at the age of 50, just 7 weeks from his 51st birthday. Billy Mays died on Sunday at the age of 50, just 3 weeks from his 51st birthday. So what? So I know someone else who's turning 51 (and so do you!) and this bird ain't happy about the current trend!

The next 6 days can't pass fast enough. I've got to succeed where Michael Jackson and Billy Mays failed. I've got to reach 51!!!

Important FYI for the slow among you, as well as for the Caput Penitus Culus crowd (sorry, that's redundant). This post is meant to be satirical. I do not think that just because two celebrities died before reaching 51 that I'm in some sort of danger of not making it myself. I just thought it would be good for a laugh.