Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honduras (UPDATED)

In July of 2007 I spend 10 days in Honduras as part of a church mission trip. My primary responsibility was to serve as a translator for the medical team (yes, as a matter of fact, I DO speak quasi-passable Spanish). Those 10 days are forever etched into my memory and my heart. The grinding poverty in which the people of western Honduras live was mind-bending. Even more mind-bending was the attitudes of the people living in those conditions. They were......happy. They didn't sweat the things they didn't have. They didn't bitch about their lot in life. They lived, they loved, they worshiped God. For a typical materialistic American like me, that was an eye-opener.

Given my attachment to Honduras, you can imagine that I have been monitoring the events of the past week with considerable interest.

President Manuel Zelaya, a Leftist in the mold of Hugo Chavez, was deposed Sunday in a military coup that was.......wait for it......ordered by the nation's Supreme Court! It seems that the Supreme Court of Honduras, unlike that of the United States, actually cares about defending its Constitution from a power-mad and grasping President.

Zelaya was trying to ram through a referendum to change the Constitution -- in direct defiance of the nation's, well, Constitution, as well as defying the nation's Attorney General and Supreme Court.

So with whom does the US side in this matter? The media, naturally sides with Zelaya. Reading the linked Reuters article cited above, you'd think that the bad-old military launched their coup in a vacuum against the sainted President, who was only trying to serve the people.

But what about the government? The President (Il Duce) and Succubus of State (Hilary Clinton) are both on the record as supporting.......wait for it.....President Zelaya! Why should anyone be surprised? Il Duce's only beef with Zelaya is that he's too conservative. [/sarcasm]

So the good-old USA is siding with Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro (via his puppet-master brother, Fidel) against a nation trying to save itself from a Constitution-shredding megalomaniac. And why not? Il Duce has already shown that he's of like mind.

For the best rundown of the situation in Honduras, read this.

My prayers are with the people of Honduras. May God protect them in this time of trial.

Update: Atlas Shrugs reports that, contrary to the pro-Zelaya crap we're seeing from Big Media (the BM for short), the Honduran people are turning out in massive demonstrations AGAINST Zelaya. Typical. Oh so f'ing typical.