Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life imitates South Park

You may be familiar with the episode of South Park where all of the residents purchase Hybids to reduce smog...but disaster follows when an ugly cloud of smug replaces the smog.

In addition to the eminent threat of "smug", there is another danger associated with these heinous vehicles - the sanctimonious asshats who drive them are terrible drivers!

A insurance data-analysis firm studied the driving habits of about 360,000 vehicle owners and found that hybrid owners are by far the worst drivers on the road:
The writer of the linked post thinks he knows why.
There are many reasons why hybrid owners drive more than regular car owners, get into more accidents, and get more tickets: because they’re assholes. Fully and completely.
Now, how to you improve on that sort of terse, targeted analysis? You don't. Because...he's right.

Take it as fact: hybrid drivers are not just self-important, trendy tools. They can't drive, either.