Monday, July 6, 2009

Wiener of the Week

Alice in Wonderland has nothing on the world in which we live when it comes to the surreal. Think I'm kidding? Check this out.

Some Missouri residents and businesses soon could see a new charge on their electric bills — a fee for using less energy.

Though it might seem illogical, the new energy efficiency charge has support from utilities, most lawmakers, the governor, environmentalists and even the state’s official utility consumer advocate. The charge covers the cost of utilities’ efforts to promote energy efficiency and cut power use.
Okay. Deep breath. Let's see if I understand the underlying logic behind this asshattery.
  1. Utilities browbeat their customers into using less electricity.
  2. Utilities then turn around and charge customers using less electricity a fee for....wait for it....using less electricity.
My head might just explode. If there is anyone out there who gets the logic of this move, PLEASE explain it to me. I've read the article three times and STILL don't understand why ANYONE in Missouri would bother to try to save electricity under these circumstances.

Missouri utilities - you're the Wiener of the Week.