Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wiener of the Week

As tempting as it would be to name Caput Penitus Culus the WotW (just on general principle), there's someone MUCH more deserving. That would be Il Duce.

Il Duce had a tough week. Not a tough week as in "things didn't go my way". No, he had a tough week as in "I'm not just losing the American people, but my party as well".

It went something like this:

  • Democrat Congressmen openly challenge Il Duce for acting like King George the Dim with regards to signing statements.

  • The Health Care takeover is taking on water. You know you're in trouble when (a) Charlie Rangel is overheard questioning your strategy, (b) Team Donkey Senators are on the record as being "baffled" by your strategy, (c) a number of Team Donkey Congressmen are in open rebellion, saying that Il Duce is destroying the party, and (d) the talks break down with members of your own party angrily claiming they'd been "lied to" by the administration.
  • You are accused of being "in bed" with special interests by The Associated Press. What's the matter with these people? They used to love you so much!

  • Government Motors sales are dropping like a rock; sales are down 22% from last year's disastrous numbers.

  • You open up stimulus money to the very same lobbyists you swore would have no say in how that money was distributed, earning a rebuke from the ACLU.
Then there was the uncommonly inept "press conference" Tuesday night. Oh boy! Let me count the ways where he made of hash of things with THIS masterpiece.
  • He claimed that his administration had "rescued the economy", a statement that earned him open mockery from Team Elephant.

  • He presented his health care "plan" in such an erratic way that even the Washington Compost was left second-guessing him.

  • He made the outrageous claim that cops who arrested his friend, Henry Gates, for acting erratically when confronted for breaking into his own house, "acted stupidly". This has, of course, generated a shit storm of Biblical magnitude. The police union blasted him. A black officer who was on the scene stated that the arresting officer acted properly and deserves an apology. And, even though Il Duce called the officer in question, his attempted "apology" was a complete lead balloon.
All of these events, of course, lead to this:
49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. This is the second straight day that his overall approval rating has been below 50% among Likely Voters nationwide. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.
Six months. It took Il Duce six months to piss away his popularity. Ah, sweet schadenfreude!

Il Duce, you are the Wiener of the Week!