Monday, August 10, 2009

Racist voted to Supreme Court

Did I miss something? I thought that Congress was off on vacation for the month of August? Oh, wait! When you're doing something harmful to the country and which flies in face of wisdom, common sense, and the will of the American people, you sneak it through when you think that no one is paying attention. Such was the confirmation vote of new Supreme Court Justice Sonya "La Raza" Sotomayor of Aztlan.

Sotomayor was easily confirmed in a 68-31 vote. Nine Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic caucus in supporting her nomination.
Nine members of Team Elephant supported this nightmare, racist, elitist, [really bad word]. Nine Elephants don't have a problem with her MEChA ties (for those of you unfamiliar with MEChA, think of it as a "brown supremacist" group).

I'm not surprised that every Team Donkey member voted in favor of Sotomayor. After all, loose cannon Justices like her make implementation of the One-World Socialist Utopia possible.

I gotta wonder, though, what Il Duce will come up with as an encore to this nominee when the next Justice steps down. Louis Farrakhan? Al Sharpton? Gloria Steinem?

If the consequences of these appointments weren't so key to the survival of the country, it would be a non-stop laugh. Constitutional expert Robert Bork: too extreme for the Court! La Raza member Sonya Sotomayer: welcome aboard!

Rome is burning; I wonder if the sheeple will look up from watching American Idol long enough to notice.