Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boo! Boo Michael Crabtree! Boo!

The season starts Sunday (well, technically tomorrow night with the Steelers vs. Titans kickoff special). And where is Michael MF'ing Crabtree? Still holding out. He's the ONLY draft choice still holding out.


Another MF'ing wasted draft pick! I get so tired of this. Scot McCloughan - you suck! First, you broke Vulture's First Law of the NFL Draft (never draft a WR #1). And now the prima dona bitch is holding out. Good job! You'll be working for the Lions in no time. Asshat!

Crabtree has threatened to sit out the season and re-enter the draft next year. Please do! And I hope it's every bit as successful for you as it was for Mike Williams.

Okay, now on to my bold pre-season predictions (guaranteed to be wrong, or twice your money back).

NFC East: Eagles (11-5)
NFC North: Vikings (11-5)
NFC South: Saints (10-6)
NFC West: 49ers (9-7)
NFC W/C: Giants (11-5) and Bears (10-6)

AFC East: Patriots (13-3)
AFC North: Steelers (11-5)
AFC South: Colts (12-4)
AFC West: Chargers (11-5)
AFC W/C: Ravens (11-5) and Titans (11-5)

NFC Championship Game: Giants at Eagles
AFC Championship Game: Ravens at Patriots

NFC Champion: Giants
AFC Champion: Patriots
Super Bowl Champion: Patriots

The 49ers will win the gawd-awful West by default. The Cardinals will return to playing Cardinals football (cover your eyes awful). The Rams are pitiful. And the Seabags are too old and brittle (not to mention their coach is dreadful).

But the Niners won't get past the first round of the playoffs. Too many holes. Too many need the ones that could have been filled if we hadn't drafted that asshat Michael Crabtree!

Boo! Boo Michael Crabtree! Boo!