Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 2 - Domination

Last week I called the 49ers Week 1 victory over the Pigeons a "statement" game. So...if that was a statement game, what would you call what the Niners did to the Seabags today?

The final score -- 23-10 -- is a little deceptive. It just wasn't that close, especially after Matt Hasselback left the game with injured ribs just before halftime.

The tone was established early - the Niners were NOT going to get stuffed running the football the way they were last week. Frank Gore was amazing. He had two long touchdown runs - 79 and 80 yards each - and a total of 207 rushing yards. Shaun Hill had a mediocre start, but played very well in the second half.

But the defense! Oh my! This is NOT the same old, sorry 49er defense of years past. The defense completely dominated the Seabags. Seattle was held to under 300 yards of total offense. Nate Clements is FINALLY starting to play like he's worth the gigantic contract he signed last year. He was DOMINANT. 6 tackles and 4 passes defensed don't even BEGIN to tell the tale of how well he played.

Special teams were heavy on the "special" - they played great!

The Niners haven't been 2-0 nor have they shown this kind of promise since...what? 2002? It seems like forever. Here's hoping this is no mirage. Here's hoping that Coach Singletary has truly created a team in his own Hall of Fame image.

Now from the sublime to the ridiculous. Michael Crabtree is still holding out. Jerry Rice (you may have heard of him) has weighed in on the issue. C'mon, Michael! You're no Jerry Rice. You may not even be a Jerry Porter. Fish or cut bait!