Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wiener of the Month - August

Last night I watched a special on the National Geographic Channel called 9-11: Science and Conspiracy. It was fascinating. NGC set out to examine via exhaustive scientific proofs the 9-11 Truth Movement's (Truthers) various theories on the attacks.

Two things quickly became evident during the course of the show. The first is that I should have gotten into a field where I could burn things and blow shit up. I was SOOOOO very entertained by the various experiments such as burning 700 gallons of jet fuel to see if it could weaken a girder (it could: in less than 4 minutes, as a matter of fact).

The second is that the so-called Truthers are impervious to, well, Truth. Each and every experiment rebutting one of their contentions was met with some lame-ass explanation as to why it was "irrelevent" or "incorporated massaged data". These people believe what they believe and neither Heaven nor Earth will move them from their wacky, tin-foil hat tenets.

The funny thing is, I'll bet the lot of them are atheists and deride believers in Jesus as being simple-minded morons. And yet each and every one of them shows the same blind "faith" in their ridiculous cause that they accuse Christians of showing with their believe in Jesus. The problem for them is that belief in Jesus makes a whole lot more sense and stands the scrutiny of the historical record a whole lot better than their little tin-foil hat conspiracy does. Ironic, no?

As someone who refuses to swallow the official government version of most events, I can understand the scepticism of the Truthers. Really, I can. But, c'mon folks! Have the decency to admit when you're wrong.

Truthers, you're the Wiener of the Month for August 2009.