Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Freedom is overrated?

It's a little bit mind-blowing to consider that ANYONE would say such a thing...but such a thing was said. In a segment of The McLaughlin Group in which the panel opined on what they consider "most overrated", Mr. McLaughlin chose freedom.

"The most overrated is freedom," McLaughlin said. "When faced with economic uncertainty, people don't want freedom. When they can't see their economic future, they want the nanny state."
And you wonder why the media holds the Tea Party protesters in such low esteem. It is unthinkable to the John McLaughlin's of this world that anyone would choose freedom (including the freedom to fail) over cradle-to-grave socialist utopia.

The mind of a smug, elitist, self-important tool is an ugly, ugly thing. But at least this rare ray of honesty from our talking class is instructive of what exactly we're up against in our uphill struggle to regain our Constitutional freedoms.